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Albor Campo

Your Comprehensive Agricultural Management Software

A solution focused exclusively on the agricultural and ranching sectors

We bring together productive, administrative, accounting, and financial operations in a single online management platform. All the information you need for decision-making in your business.

Albor Campo simplifies management for agricultural firms

100% Online

Access from any place and device with internet connection, without installations, allowing collaborative work with all team members.


All the information of operations in a single management platform. In addition, you can analyze numerous business units.

Reliable Information

Receive reports, assess different scenarios, and simplify the decision-making process.

Simple and Fast

Automate administrative processes and simplify information load by connecting to the applications most used by national and provincial regulatory entities in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Bolivia.


Manage your business in dollars and local currency. Streamline the load of information into the system using our automatic quoting tool.

Unlimited Users

Create as many users as you need with no additional cost and with differentiated licenses. You only pay for concurrent users (the number of people who access the System simultaneously).

Who is Albor Campo meant for?

Albor Campo is meant for producers, consultants, rural contractors, and managements of agricultural firms. Our system is developed for small, medium, and large-sized firms that carry out agricultural, ranching, dairy farming, machinery, and freight activities.

Field and Management Connected 

A solution for your daily operations

  • Plan the agricultural cycle.

  • Keep track of work orders and tasks.

  • Manage harvest and stock operations.

  • Monitor the stock of supplies.

  • Fill out La Carta de Porte Electrónica [mandatory electronic document to cover automotive, rail, or other types of transport].

  • Automate La Liquidación Primaria de Granos (LPG) [document in which the information related to the sale or consignment of grain between the producer and the buyer/consignee is recorded].

  • Analyze agricultural losses, yields, costs, and gross margins.

  • Monitor compliance with sales contracts.

  • Import harvest receipts into the system.

  • Analyze the main agricultural indicators using our Albor Analytics dashboard.

  • Manage according to Agricultural CREA Standards [Normas CREA de Agricultura].

  • Control stock, movements, and evolution of your livestock (purchases, sales, category shifts, relocations, births, and more).

  • Keep track of work orders (healthcare, supplementation, and more).

  • Keep record of weight and ear tags.

  • Learn about meat/milk production.

  • Analyze pastures and green forage costs.

  • Get ranching and dairy farming gross margins.

  • Monitor the stock of supplies

  • Keep record of Liquidaciones Pecuarias [document used to support commercial transactions of cattle].

  • Analyze the main ranching indicators: Mortality, pregnancy, service, and others.

  • Manage according to ranching CREA Standards.

  • Manage multiple legal names

  • Receive gross margin reports and production results depending on the activity.

  • Take management accounting and your operations online: Analyze the balance sheet, income statement, and more.

  • Analyze the cash flow of your firm.

  • Carry out accounting periods and fiscal-year-end closings.

  • Analyze information with cost center and business units.

  • Simplify bank reconciliation with our reconciliation assistant.

  • Connect to the applications most used by national and provincial regulatory entities in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Bolivia.

  • Receive and monitor VAT books, perceptions, and withholdings.

  • Learn about and analyze the main financial and economic indicators.

  • Manage direct costs (freights, supplies, etc.) and indirect costs (management, structure, etc.).

  • Receive receipts from suppliers, contractors, and other stakeholders via WhatsApp.

  • Attach digital receipts to the system and find them online when and wherever you please.

  • If you are a contractor, manage the services you provide for your customers.

  • See whether owning your own machinery or outsourcing is more efficient.

  • Find out the economic results generated by your machinery integrated to your productive activity.

  • Receive the economic results generated by your machinery depending on the type of service, for example: Planting, harvesting, irrigation, or spraying equipment.

  • Find out the economic results generated by your machinery depending on the field or area, individually, detailing incomes and direct costs for each good used.

  • Manage freights from the documentation made to third parties up to issuing the invoice from the system.

  • Record domestic freights depending on the type of activity.

  • Assign incomes and direct costs per unit.

gestion integral agropecuario
Mobile Apps

Carry out your daily operations from the field with no internet connection

Our Albor Campo software is complemented with mobile apps, so you can record information from the field, even with no internet connection, and then synchronize all of it, like field rounds; work orders; livestock and harvest news; and movement of grains.

We are with you at every stage of the digitalization of your agricultural management

We are focused on the service provided to our customers. We keep them company from the very first exchange, during the implementation of the system, always providing attention and support.

Choose the right plan based on the needs of your business

Our system has 2 editions depending on the number of legal names and productive activities that need to be managed.

plan express
Albor Express

  Administrative and accounting management

A single management: Agriculture or ranching

  Up to 1 legal name

Maximum of 10 users

plan full
Albor Full

  Administrative and accounting management

Multiple managements: Agriculture, ranching, and others.

  Limitless legal names

  No limitation on the number of users

We partner with other platforms to enhance your management

Learn about the experiences of our users

Over 1400 customers use our software Albor Campo to manage their agribusinesses comprehensively.

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Albor Campo FAQs

It means that the system can be accessed remotely, from the office or the field, at any time and from any device connected to the internet (laptop, PC, phone, or tablet). No installations needed.

Your data is always protected in Albor Campo. We work 100% with Amazon servers, leaders in Cloud. We have several levels of backups and contingency plans to offer our customers the best security. There is no need to worry about security attacks, server maintenance or damage made to your hard drive.

The information will always belong to you. If you decide to stop using the system, you will be able to download your database.

It is marketed as a SaaS (Software as Service), with a monthly subscription based on the Albor Campo plan you wish to hire and the number of concurrent users.

With Albor, you never overpay. Unlike most management softwares, in our system there are two types of users: nominal and concurrent.

Nominal users are unlimited and free of charge. You can create as many users as you want within the system with differentiated rights. On the other hand, concurrent users are those who enter the system simultaneously (at the same time), which are the ones you pay for.

For example, a firm can hire and pay for 2 concurrent users but create only 5 nominal users for each member of the team.

To begin with the implementation process of the system, we design a startup project with you. During this process, we will support you and teach you how the system works. We combine online training (e-learning) with customized consulting.

E-learning consists of live group sessions, recorded sessions, reading material, exercises, and more. Everything is available on the platform, so you can access the information as many times as you need. Moreover, you will always be supported by our experts and our Service Support team.

A standard project may take between 3 and 6 months.

We have an online Support Portal, where you can contact an agent through our live chat, which allows PC calls and screen sharing, consult the instructions, and ask questions in the forum. You can also write to us via email.

For emergencies, there is a telephone hotline available from Monday to Friday, from 8 a. m to 5 p. m.

Ask for a free customized demonstration

See the change your business can achieve with Albor Campo