Integraciones Webmaster 18 de agosto de 2022

Albor Campo Partnerships

We connect with other platforms to enhance your management

Together we vouch for bringing digitalization into agriculture

We facilitate the linking of information and add value to our users by optimizing their work and multiplying their results.

Smart Agriculture

Life is easier and work is more productive. Operate with the same data in both platforms: Establishments, Lots, Cycles, Harvests, and many more! Simplify your work and enhance your results.

Precision Agriculture

Receive unloading and weighing data automatically from your hopper in Albor Campo, so you can sort and process it.

Staff Management

Link the information of staff settlements for costs and accounting analysis of your business in Albor Campo.

Agility and Simplicity in Financial Analysis

Send the accounting data recorded in Albor Campo to Pika, a tool for control, planning, and analysis of your business data with a financial approach.

Connect Albor Campo with other platforms

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