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A platform to manage and monitor your field trials Commercial and R&D trials

Simplify data acquisition, management, and tracking of your trials by working together with your team.


Sort and store the visual material of trials and generate better quality data to be analyzed.


Facilitate monitoring of field work and early correction of mistakes.


Streamline your work by avoiding double load of information and minimizing errors.


Communicate better with customers and distributors.

A web + mobile app solution

Agroensayo adapts to wherever you are. With or without internet access, you can keep track of your trials on the web and on the mobile app. Synchronization between both platforms is automatic!
What makes us different

Optimize your trials

  • Obtain real-time access to information
  • Design your own variables
  • Define the perimeters of your trial
  • Establish activity protocols
  • Set up repetitions
  • Take pictures and create a comparative gallery based on repetitions
  • Export all trial information to Excel (pictures and database)
  • Duplicate trial protocols
  • Improve teamwork
  • Create different users and assign them the permissions you want
  • Use the supply searcher to speed up your cargo (by brand, ingredient, active, or segment)
  • Access the map and dashboard for tracking trials based on status and results

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