Alianzas estrategicas Webmaster 18 de agosto de 2022

Strategic Partners

We come together to bring value to both our customers and the community

Together we create new opportunities

We partner up to share solutions, experiences, and knowledge with the agricultural sector and the community.


Universidad Austral counts with outstanding academic programs in agribusiness. Together we are committed to the digitalization and professionalization of agriculture.


A digital community designed for agricultural producers that offers comparative production information, traceability, digital integration, and exclusive benefits to its members.


Together we promote and develop programs of interest to the educational community by offering our experience and knowledge in management technology for agriculture.


A tech startup that provides tokenized traceability products and blockchain solutions for supply chains by offering transparency and confidence.


An association that brings together self-employed professionals, entrepreneurs, firms, and universities in the ICT sector in Mar del Plata and its surroundings.


An NGO integrated by a network of agricultural producers devoted to boosting sustainable production systems for food, fiber, and energy in Latin America, through innovation, science, and networked knowledge management.


A marketplace designed for the agricultural sector, with a wide range of benefits for redeeming points with partner brands.


A non-profit organization that brings together regional firms and entities dedicated to development, production, and marketing.

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